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Friday, September 17, 2010

My photos featured

Well, as mentioned in my previous post, here are the pictures which got me my latest camera
The one below from Penang Thaipusam 2010 got me the 50% for the Canon EOS 550D. Wish it was free but this is one heck of a camera. I will probably write about it in my coming post.
This photo was taken during the Penang Georgetown World Heritage Day and this photo was one of the featured photo in Digital SLR Photograhy Malaysia magazine for the month of September 2010. Though I didn't win, it really is great to see ones image being featured in a magazine. It just makes you want to go out and take even more beautiful pictures (of course I hope to win the big prize too). Do leave comments.


john said...

we did it! Anwar's website down and hacked!!

Unknown said...

Man!! Thats cheap... How could you hack Anwar Ibrahim's website

Unknown said...

We don’t need a prejudiced, racist person to run in our elections.

Unknown said...

RM57.7 billion spent by Najib to buy voters

Anonymous said...

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