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Friday, December 12, 2008

Actual Day ~ 7 December 2008

7 December 2008 ~ Kum Fatt & Wai Gi

Trying to remember the first time I met Kum Fatt, or Lee, as he introduces himself. After our met up, which I still remembers was in Mid Valley, he gave me an impression that they were a really easy going couple. I have never met Wai Gi until the actual day itself as we just did not manage to find a time to meet up.
But we were always in sync via emails, up to the wedding day. I was at her suite at Maple Suites in Cangkat Raja Chulan at 6am, and must say, it was really nice. There was a huge balcony which overlooks the KL Tower and it was just spectacular view. I guess we just clicked :) and her family treated me really warm. Thus it was a fun time with both of them and their family.
Because the ceremony was early, we manage to finish lunch about 12.30 and decided to head out to KLCC park for some pictures. Well, learned something new in that you need permission to shoot there and thus we didnt have many pictures but went somewhere else instead.
So, I wish you both a happy marriage and happy honeymoon. Preview begins.... and comments ya.

Pre-AD Gathering and AD ~ 22/23 November 2008

22/23 November 2008 ~ Kee Keat & Siew Hong

Well, this was a really nice couple to work with, from start of my photography with them. Siew Hong was actually a really good friend of my wife Apple and it was a very nice experience to work with them.
I was even invited to capture their family gathering the night before the AD, and really appreciate the warm hospitality from Siew Hong and her family. There was just so many things to capture on these 2 days, and I had a really fun and enjoyable time.
And your dinner I have to say Im truly impress with your preparaion, having a basketball court converted into a very grand dinner venue! Had a great time, and sorry for the slight delay in posting these up in the blog. Enjoy for now :)