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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Testing a Canon 5D

I was really lucky this weekend as it was a long weekend for Wesak day holiday replacement and my good friend Jon Sern loaned me his Canon 5D Full frame camera. First thing when I held the camera, wow, its so much heavier than my Canon 400D.
Then I thought, who better to be my model than my lovely daughter, Hui Cheng who is now 2 years and 1 month old (almost). I have to say, this camera really delivers on the legendary picture quality and I have attached some pictures here. Will post more in my gallery. Almost all the pictures here are unedited except for some slight sharpening. Just to highlight how great the pictures are. Do comment ya.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Actual Day ~ 2 May 2009

2 May 2009 ~ Bersanding Ceremony of Noorhamizi & Nurul Huda
So after Friday's Akad Nikah, the couple held their Bersanding at the UIA - Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Hall of Architecture (my translation).
Arrived there early and see that the stage and flowers were all setup from the day before. Then the family started arriving and before I know it, the guests were flowing in on a constant stream. I have to say its really nice to have an air-conditioned hall for this as typically it could get quite hot in the afternoon.
We are also very lucky as it rained later in the day. I really likes to thank the couple for the great time, food and your hospitality in having me for their big day. Its truly memorable and here are some pics for all to enjoy for the time being.
Cheers and do drop your comments :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Actual Day ~ 1 May 2009

1 May 2009 ~ Akad Nikah of Noorhamizi & Nurul Huda

Got a call from my friend Jasmine last week that one of her buddy was looking for a photographer for this weekend. My first thought was this was a joke as it was really last minute. Later found out that the supposedly appointed photographer had an accident and broke his leg. Poor guy, hope he gets well soon.
Anyway, I was quickly introduced to Nurul. She is really sweet and we clicked. Was at her home early when she started her makeup and followed her through for todays Akad Nikah ceremony. Her hubby, was a cool dude too. These 2 make a great couple. Posting some snippets from today as the Bersanding would be to tomorrow on the 2nd of May. Stay tune.... and comments please