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Friday, July 31, 2009

Posted some of my Travels

Just recently updating my website gallery at and added some of my more recent ~ well, last year travels. Feel that its good to be able to ensure I share these up as I think some of it is really a nice place to visit, especially with such affordable air fares now! And since food is my second love, you will see that it features prominently in my photos.

Was pretty fortunate to have been able to go to Macau and Taiwan last year. Macau is really a happening place, and food was great.

Taiwan, which was spent mainly around Taipei, I still can't forget all the night markets and its fantastic coast line. Will be heading there again this year in November and can't wait. This time will be a much longer trip and really looking forward to it!

Some of my favourite shots below:

The very very very old hotel/motel that we stayed in. Haha, what an experience. But it was cheap and right at the heart of the city. Sanya Hotel it is.
The street where we stayed. Probably one of the oldest preserved historical streets around
BBQ meat. The variety here is endless, and taste very good
One of the many fried pork buns, best is still in Taipa "Tum Chai"
Streets around Taipa
The famous crab porridge in Taipa "Tum Chai". Really good
A road side stall selling all things beef. Too bad I can't try
Around Leal Senado Square. So many people here.
One of the many casinos. This is the Lisboa.
The morning market that we stumbled upon. Its just at the backlane
Our breakfast. Porridge with "Yau Cha Kuey"
Around the famous ruins of St Paul. Me & my lovely wife.
This was near the temple... of Goddess of A-ma
Scene at the local market. Wax meat.
Fresh Vegi...
Kuan Yin statue. Just beautiful.
I think this was at MGM...
Claypot sea eel! Wow!
Just love these kind of night street scenes
Just a scene from my hotel....
Breakfast again, porridge. This is one of the best pork porridge I have ever have. Located at a very small back lane, and packed with people.
Around the Fisherman Wharf.
Inside the Venetian Casino
This is the famous "Hak Sa" Black Sand beach at the south of Macau. Really is black sand!
This stall served a very nice lamb stew in claypot! Superb.
First stop, Shihlin night market. Endless stalls of food and small stalls. Cheap and good!
Big signboards everywhere
Food at the Regent Hotel where I stayed. Breakfast was excellent
One of the many dishes we had for lunch, clams! Yummy!
Danshui, this is at the North of Taipei. Watch the sunset there :)
What a sunset...
The night market
The coast, Beitou. Went on a hike with my very good friend Sam & his family. I have never seen such a beautiful coastline, and was told its even better in the east!
Crystal clear water.. enviousAt the top of the trail. Looks like those scene from an ancient movie...
Ximending ~ the crowd here is crazy, alot of shops and things to see
A all you can eat japanese restaurant ~ only about NT500 per person