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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Actual Day ~ 3 January 2009

3 January 2009 ~ Khin & Evonne
First off, my apologies for being more than 1 month late with this post on the blog. Its been a past crazy month for me, at work and especially with the family. But thank god everything is now going smoothly and really like to thank all my clients for being so understanding with the delays incurred. Will do my best to make up to you all ya!
Well, Khin & Evonne are really and very loving couple. I met Evonne once, and not until her AD did I got to meet her up again. We did constantly stay in contact via email. For this wedding, the "chut mun" actually happened at the brides home which is at Sepang so I stayed the night at her place.... well, more like 2 hours of nap :) But it was fun as when you look at the preparations that they did, I think they did a superb job. Evonne's family, everyone, chipped in in some way or another. And Evonne did not even sleep! You really can last!
So it was a memorable but tiring wedding for me but nonetheless, most important its one for the bride and groom. So do enjoy the pictures........