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Monday, March 24, 2008

Actual Day ~ 22 March 2008

22 March 2008 ~ Abhi & Ashima @ The Andaman, Langkawi

Well, this is a wedding at one of the most exotic locations you can imagine, great sun, sand and a fantastic beach. This is Abhi & Ashima's wedding, held at The Andaman, Langkawi. I met them a day before the wedding, and they are a truly sweet couple. Very easy to get along with, and it was a very fun time getting to know them. We met at the pool side, and too bad I didn't bring my swimming trunks.
This wedding was one of the more intimate ones I have been to. Everyone knew each other, all the best friends was here, everyone was just so happy for the couple! Like Abhi said it, this is a wedding to share with everyone, as it was a sort of reunion for many that came from around the world. So with this, I wish both of you a marriage happily ever after, and as always, sneak peaks of your wedding day. Do feel free to drop comments...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Party ~ 16 March 2008

16 March 2008 ~ Ashley's First Birthday Party

Last week, got an enquiry from Alesia that her baby daughter, Ashley will be celebrating her first birthday party. So me and Apple were really looking forward to celebrating Ashley's birthday with them. Well, Ashley's birthday is on March 19, so this is a be-early party! All her family, relatives and friends were around. It was held in Tropicana and after the party, they had some quality family time at the pool! So here are some sneak peaks, we wish Ashley, a very Happy Birthday...